News update: Situation Suez Canal


As you may have read in the news, the ship ”Ever Given” is stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking the passage of another 35 container ships at the moment. We have containers on this ship.

Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of the problem. There are many more containers on the ships waiting behind them. It is too early to conclude what exactly the effect will be, but we fear it will be significant. The large container ships cannot simply divert to the route along South Africa, as the weather conditions allow this only to a limited extent. Moreover, there will also be delays in the port of Rotterdam. Unloading and clearing the goods takes time. We expect that shipowners will divert to other ports, which will cause further delays.

In short, panels and inverters coming from China will be delayed. It is important that you know this now. It is of course not yet certain how long the delay will be. We are in close contact stay with our suppliers. We will keep you informed of developments.



Frank Heijckmann

Board of Directors PVO International