JinkoSolar: FAQ


High quality and reliable premium brands, that’s what we stand for at PVO International. We are an authorized dealer of premium brands such as JinkoSolar. At PVO International we frequently receive questions about the solar panels of JinkoSolar regarding topics as technology, modules and snow load. We submitted the most frequently asked questions to Jinko’s technical department and are happy to share them with you.



What kind of frames are available for Tiger and Tiger Pro?

C Frame, 30 mm for 60 cells, 35 for most of the 72 cell panels (according to the datasheet).

What connector type applies to Tiger and Tiger Pro?

Stäubli EVO2 and/or JKM03M connectors.

Can Tiger Pro 60 be clamped on the short side?


Is there a cradle-to-cradle certificate available for Tiger and Tiger Pro?

It is under development.

Can you list the Tiger and Tiger Pro panels on certificated fire class A, B or C?

All dual glass are fire class A, all the others have fire class C.



Can you inform us about the basics of anti-glare glass?

  • Nano scale coating, high transmittance
  • Used for all glasses (anti soiling is different)
  • Uniform appearance
  • Around from 400 – 1050 nm a 1,6 to 1,8% increase of light transmittance
  • Process: Washing – coating – drying-tempering
  • Passed all tests for weather resistance and damage resistance (salt spray, UV resistance, outdoor exposure, acid resistance, adhesion friction tests hardness tests

Can you explain more about the most important certificates and quality marks?

Yes, all panels have:

  • CE EMC
  • CE LVD
  • IEC
  • Ammonia,
  • Dust and Sand,
  • Salt Mist
  • CE Mark

Please find the whole certificate list here. To the quality in general, several 3rd party tests are proving the high-quality level. JinkoSolar is DNV GL top performer 6 times in a row.


Installation and O&M

What mounting systems can be used to achieve (higher) snow load requirements?

In order to achieve higher mechanical load values we suggest using the standard mounting systems connected on the long side of the modules. Basically, every mounting system that is approved by JinkoSolar, what will change are the values accordingly. Crucial for high loads is clamping on the long side. ¼ point clamping, short side clamping or corner clamping are allowed but please consider you will achieve less mechanical loads.

What is the maximum snow- and wind load (Pa) for Tiger and Tiger Pro? What is guaranteed by JinkoSolar?

This depends on the clamping. Possible are short side, long side and corner clamping. Even slide in systems. Depending on this, the loads are defined. In doubt? You can send your questions to your Account Manager and they will check with JinkoSolar if the required loads are possible or not.

Can you list all the panels that are approved for short side clamping?

All of them are approved, depending on mounting system and product we have different loads.

Is there an overview of the different glass/glass and glass/transparent backsheet variants?

Yes, we have done several tests and published the white paper on the EU website (www.jinkosolar.eu). Tiger pro bifacial modules are available in glass/glass version or glass TB version.


Would you like to know more about the products JinkoSolar has to offer? Please contact us today. We are happy to help.