Roadmap to the right connector

Last year, we heard more and more about roof fires which were connected to solar panels. Investigations about those fires were being held to find out the cause for the fires. The most common cause of the roof fires are the connectors, often with roof integrated systems. More than 80-90% is caused by connectors.

There are a lot of different causes known for PV-fires. The most common cause is the connector.
All possible causes for PV-fires:

  • Technical factors
    • Connectors
    • Overheating connectors; arc fault
    • Bypass diodes
    • Cell mismatch problems
    • Cables; overdimensioning
  • Roof system; flat roofs, on-roof, integrated roof
  • Human factors; installation faults, qualification staff, certification
  • Circumstances
    • Weather
    • Shadow


To help you choose the right connector for your project, we have made a roadmap. The roadmap contains all the important steps that you must take for a successful connection between your cables for your solar project. Our Sales team is happy to help you determine the right connector for your project.

Download: Roadmap – What connector to buy?


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