Q&A: JinkoSolar

Our supplier JinkoSolar has once again set a world record with the maximum solar conversion efficiency of 25.7% for its N-Type monocrystalline silicon TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) solar cell. 

We submitted the most frequently asked questions about this panel to Jinko’s technical department and are happy to share them with you. 


JinkoSolar N-type Neo

What kind of frames will be available for this panel?

  • For 78/72 BDV: 30 mm frame
  • For 78/72 V: 35 mm frame
  • For 60/54 V: 30mm frame

What connector type applies to this panel?

The JK03M/JK03M2 Jinko connectors apply to this panel or the Staubli MC4 if requested.

What is the general accepted snow- and wind load level for this panel?

The general accepted snow-and windload lever is 5400Pa and 2400Pa.

Can you explain the key technology of this new panel?

It’s TOPCon technology. In addition to upgrading the cell technology, the power breakthrough can only be achieved from the cell size and the module version, which will undoubtedly bring great pressure to the operation and maintenance cost and the matching of the inverter. While the efficiency limit of N-type Topcon cell is much higher than that of PERC cell, which has an absolute cost-performance advantage in the long term. It can be said that the rise of N-type technology is an inevitable trend in the future.

What are the advantages of N-type cells compared to traditional PERC cells?

First of all, in terms of quality assurance, N-type cell’s power degradation can be significantly optimized compared with the traditional PERC cells due to the different doping technology, reaching the level of first year 1% and linear decline of 0.4%.
Secondly, Jinko182N module can achieve an optimized temperature coefficient of -0.30%, and increase the average power by about 0.75%. At the same time, the Tiger Neo series modules operate at an average temperature of more than 1 degree centigrade lower than the p-type of the same specification. Combined, power generation can be increased by up to 2% in high-temperature areas.


Besides, the bifacial factor is improved. The N-type cell using Topcon technology has the highest bifacial factor of 85%. Bifcaial modules of the N-type modules can provide an 11.48% generation increase. Under this premise, our Tiger Neo series modules can deliver a power generation gain of about 2.03% percent.

In conclusion, lower LeTID (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation) en LID (Light Induced Degradation), better temperature coefficients , higher bifacial factor, significantly optimizing power generation capacity. Under conventional weather and surface reflectivity, the Jinko Tiger Neo series modules can deliver an average generation gain of more than 3%.

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