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High quality and reliable premium brands, that’s what we stand for at PVO International. We are an authorized dealer of premium brands such as JinkoSolar. At PVO International we frequently receive questions about the solar panels of JinkoSolar. End of March JinkoSolar announced its new Tiger Pro 54HC panel. The overall dimensions and lower weight makes this panel more user-friendly than current Tiger Pro panels. This panel is therefore extremely suitable for both C&I and residential projects. We submitted the most frequently asked questions about this new panel to Jinko’s technical department and are happy to share them with you.


Tiger Pro 54HC panel

What kind of frames will be available for this panel?

The frames available will be Standard Silver frame and Black frame.

What connector type applies to this panel?

The Stäubli MC4 connectors apply to this panel.

What is the general accepted snow- and windload level for this panel?

The general accepted snow- and windload level for long side clamping is 6000/4000 Pa. It is also allowed to clamp this panel on the short side. In this case the general accepted snow- and windload level is 2400/2400 Pa.

Can you explain the key technology of this new panel? 

The Tiger Pro 54HC panel is based on multiple key technologies:

  • 182mm standard size
  • Half cell technology with 10 multibusbars with round shape
  • White EVA

How can this panel generate this high power?

The superior IAM value and temperature coefficient (both reported in the third-party analysis) bring higher energy performance. Also, the round multibusbars increase the internal reflection and optimize the internal current circulation.

Will this be the mainstream panel in distribution and projects?

Yes, it will be for 2021 and 2022.

Is the minimum wafersize from now on 182mm?

No, not yet. We still have 163mm cell size in production but the trend is to move more and more towards 182mm cell sizes.


This panel has been announced by JinkoSolar but is not available yet.

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