Updates – October 2020


Van der Valk Solar Systems

New lengths of Side ++ profiles for large solar panels (ValkPitched)

The dimensions of the latest generation of PV panels pose challenges for the mounting system. Until now, the Side ++ lengths were tailored to a maximum panel width of 1016mm. However, more and more panels that are wider are coming onto the market. In order to be able to mount these panels quickly and efficiently, Van der Valk Solar Systems has added four new lengths to the existing range, in addition to the existing profiles.

The four new “extra-long” profiles are suitable for a maximum panel width of up to 1052mm.




Update from SolarEdge: Optimizers

SolarEdge announced that the P370 optimizer is being phased out. At the moment, SolarEdge sees that many residential projects use panels that are round 350Wp. This trend will only increase in the (near) future. Because the panels with a capacity of around 350Wp require a higher current than the 11A which the P370 can handle, it has been decided to stop the production of the P370 optimizer. The alternative to the P370 is the P401. This optimizer can handle up to 11.75A, this doesn’t seem like much, but is a big improvement and enough to keep up with demand.
We currently have stock and will receive our last stock after October 12. Please contact our Sales department to discuss your needs.

In order to meet market PV requirements, ensure future compatibility and allow more flexible design rules for high power modules SolarEdge recently released a new firmware that improves P950 optimizer spec as follows:

  • Increased string current up to 18A (instead of 17A)
  • Increased string oversizing up to 18.500W (instead of 15.750W)

Existing inventory can be deployed, and it will be automatically updated to the new firmware (connection to the monitoring is mandatory).



Van der Valk Solar Systems

New: extra-long back plates and mass carriers (ValkPro +)

The range for the ValkPro + system for flat roofs has been expanded with extra-long back plates and ground carriers, in order to be able to mount the largest panel sizes.

The dimensions of the latest generation of PV panels pose challenges for the mounting system. Until now, the ValkPro + system was suitable for mounting panels with a maximum length of 2120 mm in landscape position. By adding an extra-long back plate and ground support, it is now possible to use panels with a maximum length of 2320 mm.

Change of mounting holes in back plates

To increase the adjustability of the back plates, the design of the mounting holes have been changed: from now on there will be three 60 mm slots on both sides of the plate. Thanks to this greater range, the back plates can now always fit neatly to the sides of the system regardless of the panel width.



Van der Valk Solar Systems

New: ValkPitched corrugated brackets

AttachingtheValkPitchedsystemoncorrugatedroofs,inadditiontothetraditionalwaybymeansofstickscrews,isnowalsopossiblebyusingcorrugated iron brackets.Theadvantageofthecorrugated iron bracketisthat it canbeattachedbyusingtheexistinganchoragesofthecorrugatediron.

Thecorrugated iron bracketissuitableforuseonexistingandnewcorrugatedironroofs.Thecorrugated iron bracketcombinesperfectlywiththeSide++profilesoftheValkPitchedClampsystem.

Available from 1 September.




Sungrow and PVO International join forces

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sungrow. Together we will focus on the larger commercial projects in the Benelux.

Read here the press release




JinkoSolar ranked as Most “Bankable” PV Manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance

JinkoSolar has been ranked as a top solar brand in debt financed projects and named most “bankable” PV manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). Forty-nine global solar module manufacturers were ranked based on BNEF’s global survey of key PV stakeholders assessing which module brands used in projects are most likely to obtain non-recourse debt financing from commercial banks.

“As one of the leading solar module manufacturers, we are proud to be recognized once again by BNEF as a most trusted solar brand by customers, investors, and banks all over the world. This is a testament to the outstanding research, stringent quality checks and world records we have set to revolutionize the solar industry with our advanced technology, reliability, and high-quality products,” said Mr. Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar.



Van der Valk Solar Systems

New: new product series for the mechanical anchoring of PV systems: ValkSolarFix

For buildings higher than 25 meters, in areas with very high wind loads or on roof structures that can only withstand very low loads, the use of “consoles” offers a solution for mounting the PV system.

The ValkSolarFix is ​​made of high-quality aluminum and can be attached quickly and easily to roofs with a timber or steel plate construction by means of special roof screws or a toggle anchor. A concrete anchor can be used for concrete roof constructions. The length of the screws or anchors can be adjusted to the thickness of the insulation material.


The special height of the ValkSolarFix is ​​perfectly matched to combine without further height adjustments with the ValkPitched system for pitched roofs and ValkPro + system for flat roofs. The large diameter of the collar of the ValkSolarFix provides a solid base on which the roof racks of the ValkPro + system can be attached directly.

The ValkSolarFix can be waterproofed into any type of roof membrane by experienced roofers. For this reason, the ValkSolarFix is ​​supplied without an additional membrane, so that the roofer can provide this himself and adjust it in his own way. This also offers great advantages with regard to logistics and keeping these types of products in stock with our distributors.




Jinko introduces new 610Wp module during SNEC

JinkoSolar launched the new generation 610W Tiger Pro High-efficiency monocrystalline TR solar panels at SNEC 2020 in Shanghai. The key to Tiger Pro 610W’s success is N-Type HOT 2.0 high-efficiency cell technology. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, such as HOT tunneling layer passivated contact and advanced metallization, the cell has reached an efficiency of 24.79%.

Read the full article here



Van der Valk Solar Systems

New: Black plastic cover caps for panel clamps

Van der Valk Solar Systems has developed a new product and added it to the range for flat and sloping roofs: “Black plastic cover caps for panel clamps”.

For PV systems using all-black panels, from an aesthetic point of view it is sometimes desirable to provide the visible part of the aluminium panel clamps in black colour. This was already possible for most of our systems with black anodized panel clamps, but now this can also be achieved by installing the black plastic covers that can be simply clicked over the blank clamps.

The covers can be applied to both new and existing installations. Think of ValkPro +, ValkDouble, ValkTriple, ValkQuattro and ValkPitched – Clamp mounting systems. The new caps are already available.




New: Sunny Tripower CORE2

SMA launches the Sunny Tripower CORE2 inverter this autumn. The new SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 inverter brings more flexibility to the design of an installation. With an output of 110 kW, it allows a particularly high degree of sun coverage during the day, for both ground and roof installations with different angles of inclination. Even in the shade.

More possibilities. More integration. More power.

Download the brochure here




N-Type Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Reaching Record High Efficiency of 24.79%.

JinkoSolar’s R&D teams of experts in silicon wafer, solar cells and solar modules have made significant breakthroughs in the field of high efficiency and high power of cells and modules for many years. The record-breaking mono-crystalline silicon solar cell was fabricated on a high quality CZ mono-Si substrate, with a practical size of 267.72cm2, and several advanced technologies have been implemented to achieve this new record of 24.79%, including passivating contact technologies, advanced diffusion system, surface passivation and advanced anti-reflection technologies, and a series of material upgrade were integrated into the cell process. The record-breaking mono-crystalline silicon solar cell will be gradually applied to product production.

“JinkoSolar has reached a key R&D milestone and our commitment towards technological innovation in silicon material, cell fabrication and module processing technologies has led to multiple world records for the efficiency of solar cells and modules. We are very proud to break the world record with advanced large-area N-type cell in the world, and this innovative cell technology also holds the world record for PV module efficiency,” commented Dr. Jin Hao, CTO of JinkoSolar . “We will constantly invest in upgrading technologies to achieve mass production, and to lead the way by providing high efficiency and competitive industrial products for our global customers.”



Trina Solar

Next-generation Vertex series modules have output up to 600W.

Trina solar announced the next generation modules of their Vertex series, with an output up to 600W. The company expects to realize the mass production of a 550W series in the final quarter of this year.

The next-generation Vertex series modules hold three key advantages, including: the combination of non-destructive cutting, high-density packaging and multi-busbar technologies; low voltage and improvement in power output of a single module string by more than 35 percent; and significant value in greatly reducing balance-of-system costs.

Read here the entire article




New: optimizer P701

SolarEdge introduces de P701 optimizer. It is the P650 with turbo. The P701 is ideal for two PV modules with 60 or 120 cells and is suitable for the 3-phase inverters – SE16K and larger.


  • Input DC power: 7000
  • voltage: 96V
  • Isc: 11.75A
  • efficiency: 99.5%

Download the datasheet

Note: P650 optimizers can only be ordered as version RL with 1.8m output. The other versions are no longer available.

At this moment the P701 is still so new that it cannot be found yet in the designer.




Updates from Huawei


  1. Smart Dongle communication options

Huawei has two different communication options. The Smart Dongle WLAN-Fast Ethernet and the Smart Dongle 4G. Below a short explanation for which occasion the Dongle is best suited.

Smart Dongle WLAN-FE

For a fixed communication connection you can choose a Smart Dongle-WLAN-Fast-Ethernet. Plug the Smart Dongle-WLAN-Fast-Ethernet into the inverter, into which you then plug the UTP cable. The inverter now has a fixed cable connection.

Smart Dongle 4G

Is your project dealing with, for example, a remote building where there is no WiFi or where you cannot wire via a UTP cable? Then choose the Smart Dongle 4G, the dongle makes connection through a SIM card with data subscription which you simply plug in the inverter. Important: you have to arrange the SIM card yourself, this is not included.

  1. Migration of NetEco installations

All installations on the current NetEco portal must be transferred to the new NetEco portal. Due to the size of the migration, this will take place during the summer holidays, in the week of 3 to 7 August.

Make sure to transfer your projects to the new portal in time. Contact us for the instructions how to transfer your Huawei projects to the new NetEco portal.



Trina Solar

Declaration for connector compatibility

Trina Solar states in an official statement that the TS4 connectors used for the Trina Solar modules are congruent to the MC4 connector. They had this extensively tested by TÜV Rheinland. This means that the warranty remains valid when using the MC4 connector with the TS4 connector.

Read the full statement here

Download the TÜV Rheinland report here




Explanation of maximum DC input and over-dimensioning

Huawei has published an official document explaining the maximum DC input specified in the datasheets. In addition, they also give a statement on how to deal with over-sizing.

Download the statement here




Standard warranty extended to 10 years (1-20kw)

Starting from July 1 Growatt extends their warranty. All the inverters from 1-20kw (single phase, three phase and storage), will have a stardard warranty of 10 years. From July 1st it is not necessary to request the free extention on the Growatt website, this will be applied automatically.



Trina Solar

Standard warranty extended to 12 years

Trina Solar has extended their standard product warranty to 12 years. All modules that are installed after May 1st 2020 will have the 12 year product warranty. This also applies for modules that have been purchased before the 1st of May and have been installed after 1 May 2020.

Shortly all new datasheets will be available online



Van der Valk Solar Systems

Update new packaging method of alignment pins for solar panels

Article 733020 consists of three separate parts: a plastic alignment pin, an M6x25 bolt and M6 collar knurled nut. Up till now, these have been combined per item in a separate plastic bag in a box of 150 pieces. This method of packaging meant a relatively large amount of waste material per article. That’s why Esdec decided that from now on article 733020 will be packed per bag (alignment pin, bolt, nut) in a bag of 100 pieces, after which these parts will be combined in the final packaging. This is a sealed plastic bag, with a total of 100 pieces of item 733020.

Article information

The change only concerns a change in the standard packaging quantity to 100 pieces, previously this was 150 pieces. There are no changes regarding item number, item description or price.

From now on, the change has been made for the items that are supplied from the stock of Van der Valk Solar Systems.




Price reduction for 6 months on FlatFix Fusion

To help you as an installer during these challenging times, Esdec will lower the prices of the FlatFix Fusion system by 5% from the 1st of June. This promotion runs for a limited period of 6 months.




Early this morning (Friday May 15, European time) JinkoSolar launched a new module series: Tiger Pro. The showpiece is the new 78TW panel that achieves a maximum power of 580Wp (!)

The Tiger Pro series consists of four module types. In addition to the 78TW, they introduce the modules 60TR, output up to 430Wp, and the series 72TR and 72HC with an output up to 530Wp.

Availability: Expecting to start mass production in Q3

Read here the entire news item




Update from Huawei:

  1. Huawei is extending the warranty of 5 years to 10 years for the following inverters:
  2. New (!) Huawei has now inverters available with Arc Default Detection:
    SUN2000-36KTL AFCI
  1. The Smartlogger 1000A is out of production and no longer available. The Smartlogger has been replaced by the Smartlogger 3000A.

Download here the Huawei Brochure for Utility PV solutions




Warranty extension changes for commercial inverters

Last year SolarEdge changed their warranty extensions. A new change for the warranty extensions will start next year. Below an overview of the changes that have already taken place and the new changes that will take effect on 1 January 2021.

Changes since 1 October 2019:

  • The 15-year warranty extension for the SE15k, SE16k and SE17k can no longer be taken out. Alternatively, the 20 years can still be ordered (online).
  • The price of the 15-year warranty extension for the SE25k, SE27.6k and SE33.3k without DCD has been changed to € 317.
  • The price of the 15 year warranty extension for the SE25k, SE27.6k and SE33.3k with DCD has been changed to € 345.


Changes effective 1 January 2021:

The 15-year warranty can no longer be taken out, regardless of which type. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The price difference compared to the 20-year warranty extension is so small that it’s not useful to support a separate 15-year warranty.
  • The 15 year extension cannot be concluded online because the customized product is only for the Dutch market. The 20 years, on the other hand, can easily be concluded online and the certificates are sent directly by email.

For the convenience of the installer, distributor and SolarEdge, as of 1 January 2021, only options will be available as found on the SolarEdge website: https://www.solaredge.com/en/warranty




New generation residential inverters available!

The new generation of residential inverters of Growatt are now available. Growatt has updated their MTLS series and has replaced them with the new TL-XE series. The next generation has the following improvements:

  • The new inverters are 30% lighter than the MTL-S series.
  • New design with OLED display and Touch button
  • Smaller and more compact (due to the compact design, the inverter is better protected against water and dust than its predecessor)
  • Easier to install
  • Standard surge protection type II
  • Higher yield; 2 MPP trackers, per string 12.5A input current
  • AFCI is optional

View here the new inverters




Update: SolarEdge Optimizers

SolarEdge has expanded their assortment with new optimizers. Below a short overview of the new changes.

  1. New optimizers
    Residential: P401
    SolarEdge introduces new optimizers. The P401 is new in the residential optimizers range. The main feature of the P401 optimizer is the high DC current and high power. The P401 optimizer is designed special for the high power modules with 60 or 72 cells.
    Availability: Mid Q2Download here the datasheetCommercial: P801 – P950
    In addition, SolarEdge introduces the new commercial optimizers P801 and P950. The new P801 is suitable for two 72-cell modules. The P950 is available for 2 high power modules or bi-facial modules.
    Availability: P801 – May ’20 and P950 – June ‘20Download here the datasheet
  2. Increased current (lsc)
    SolarEdge has increased the possible DC current for optimizers P401, P404, P405 and P485. For P401 the maximum short circuit current per input (lsc) is 11.75 and for the P404, P405 and P485 it has been increased to 11.Download here the datasheet




Whitepaper Tiger Modules

The new Tiger module from JinkoSolar adopts the advanced technology of multi-busbar + Tiling Ribbon + half cut, with the high-efficiency Jinko cell. The maximum power output of a Tiger module could reach to 475W, and the efficiency could reach to 21.16%.

The Tiger series include mono-facial and bi-facial types. The bi-facial Tiger modules currently promote transparent back sheets with DuPont Tedlar. While ensuring a 5% -30% backside energy gain, the light-weight feature of transparent back sheet also effectively reduces the LCOE effectively.

Read the entire technical Whitepaper – Tiger Module



Van der Valk Solar Systems

New product in assortment: EPDM rubber shim

Van der Valk Solar Systems adds a new product in their assortment: EPDM rubber shim for mounting on steel roof tile plates. Mounting profiles on a pitched with steel roof tile plates covering can be challenging. Due to the overlapping tile plates, the pitch of the plates is slightly off compared to the roof pitch itself. This means a direct mounting of the profiles to the plates will create an issue with the levelling of the profiles.

The new “EPDM rubber shim” (739005) now offers a perfect and simple solution. By placing the rubber shims between the horizontal placed profile and the roof tile plates in the position of the fasteners, the angle of the profile is adjusted to match the roof pitch angle.


The EPDM rubber shims with pre-drilled holes of 6 mm diameter are placed behind the aluminium profile in the position of the mounting holes. The standard option to fasten the profile to the steel tile plates is by using aluminium rivets (779223).




ClickFit EVO, Esdec’s pitched tile roof mounting systems, is now suitable for the latest solar panels, thanks to the expansion of the mounting rail portfolio. New are the mounting rails 3080, 4095, 5110 and 6130 mm.

Renewed portfolio mounting rails:

  • 1060 mm
  • 2065 mm
  • 3080 mm
  • 3500 mm
  • 4095 mm
  • 5110 mm
  • 6130 mm

With the introduction of these new rail lengths, ClickFit EVO is fully optimized and suitable for the newest solar panels. Any panel width up to 1004 mm can be used. Nothing has changed in the design of the mounting rails.




Vergokan offers specially made roof support for their cable wire trays.

For this construction you need the following items:

  • Central suspension bracket – 216-HDVFCB, Hot Dip suited for use outside
  • Universal roof support – 216-RSM



Van der Valk Solar Systems

New product: the Strongline heavy duty roof hook

Van der Valk Solar Systems introduces a new high-strength roof hook for PV-systems. This roof hook is designed specifically for PV systems placed on pitched roofs with roof tiles, in regions with high snow and/or wind loads. The roof hook is available in versions for horizontal and vertical placement of profiles, for Portrait or Landscape mounting. The roof hook is made of galvanized steel.

Benefits of the new roof hook:

  • High load capabilities to handle larger spans, even in applications with high snow and/or wind loads.
  • Easy to use in combination with Side++ profiles and adjustable panel clamps from the ValkPitched Clamp system.
  • Possibility of height adjustment of profiles.

Download here the datasheet of the new roof hook




SolarEdge changes the assortment of Optimizers

In the coming period there will be a shift in the Optimizers assortment from SolarEdge. A number of models are withdrawn from the range and are at this moment being phased out.

This concerns the following optimizers:

  • P300; The last stock of the P300 is still available, they are no longer being produced. Important: the P300 are approved by SolarEdge to use for solar panels up to 320Wp.
  • P600; The latest stock is also available for the P600 optimizers. Important: The P600 optimizer has been approved by SolarEdge for use up to 650Wp.

* The P405 is also likely to disappear from the range, allowing you to continue working with the P485.

Download here the official statement from SolarEdge




JinkoSolar Awarded ‘Top Brand PV Europe Seal 2020’ by EuPD Research for Second Consecutive Year

JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, announced that it was awarded the ‘Top Brand PV Europe Seal 2020’ by internationally recognized research institute EuPD Research for the second consecutive year.

EuPD Research awards Top PV seals based on its Global PV Installer Monitor Survey which compiles the opinions of solar installers from leading solar markets in Europe and around the world. JinkoSolar was identified for its exceptional high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Mr. Frank Niendorf, General Manager of JinkoSolar Europe, commented, “We are very proud to receive this prestigious award for Europe for the second consecutive year. This recognition by the downstream partners we work with not only proves JinkoSolar is the preferred brand to work with but also reflects our strong reputation and commitment to our customers as a leading supplier. JinkoSolar’s highly-reliable solar products and customer service have significantly contributed to the steady growth of our customer base across important markets.”




The warranty period of the SUN2000 three-phase inverter series has been extended. Previously, the warranty period of the entire SUN2000 series was five years. The period has now been extended to a 10-year warranty for the models see below:

  • SUN2000-12KTL-M0
  • SUN2000-15KTL-M0
  • SUN2000-17KTL-M0
  • SUN2000-20KTL-M0

Download here the overview of all Huawei Warranties



Van der Valk Solar Systems

Van der Valk Solar Systems introduces new product: Rubber load distributor ValkPro+

Van der Valk Solar systems developed the new rubber load distributor for projects where it is required to keep the point load of a ValkPro+ mounting system equipped with ballast tiles as low as possible.

The load distributors can easily be placed under the steel roof carriers of existing and new ValkPro+ systems. Adding one or more load distributors per ballast point will considerably reduce the point load of this ballast point:

The rubber load distributor is made from recycled rubber granulate with PU binder. For PVC roofs, a special version is available with a protective underlay to prevent possible migration from the roof material.

Download here the datasheet



Van der Valk Solar Systems

Upcoming change in the production precess for aluminium parts

Van der Valk Solar Systems has changed their production process for the aluminium parts used in the adjustable panel clamps in black colour (products: 721550ZW en 721552ZW). The clamps will be anodized in black colour instead of coated.

The reasons for this change are:

  • The colour and appearance of the clamps matches better with the frame of the panels, which are also anodized.
  • The surface of the clamps is better resistant to scratches and dents and is more dirt-repellent.
  • Anodized aluminium has a better colour fastness when exposed to UV-light.
  • Anodized aluminium can be recycled without pre-treatments.

The anodized clamps can be recognized by the more matte appearance, compared to the coated clamps.

Price and availability

This change does not affect the material numbers or the price of the clamps. The transition to the anodized clamps will take place when the existing stock of coated panel clamps is finished (It is expected this will be around the end of January 2020).




Whitepaper Swan Bifacial Modules

JinkoSolar introduced the new Swan series last year. The Swan bifacial modules can generate energy absorbing light from both the front and rear side.

In the published white paper they explain in detail all the advantages of the bifacial modules. Consider the advantages of half cells compared to whole cells, glass-glass or glass-transparent backsheet, the best choice for the frame and mounting system, etc.

Download here the Whitepaper Swan Bifacial Modules



Chinese New Year

On January 25 the Chinese celebrate New Year. Most companies are closed for at least 2 weeks around New Year. Our Chinese suppliers are closed from January 25 to February 8.

Have you planned a project during this period? Make sure that we know your desired delivery schedule for all your solar needs.



Van der Valk Solar Systems

Introducing: Universal Side Plate

The new universal side plate replaces the current side plates of the ValkPro+ L10 system, which now has a “left” and a “right” version, which are mirrored with respect to each other. These plates can be recognized by an “L” or an “R” on the narrow side.

Thanks to the new design, one universal side plate can now be applied on both sides of the system. This offers the following benefits:

  • A reduction in the number of stock keeping units.
  • The new design has no turned sides and therefore takes up less space.

The article number of the new side plate is 742540. The side plates for ValkPro+ L15 and P10 remain unchanged.



Module Portfolio Q1 2020

Our solar panel portfolio for Q1 2020 is available. All our suppliers are fully committed to the new techniques whereby we will switch to panels that are larger in size and to panels that have a larger output. Download below our Module Portfolio for Q1.

For more information about availability and alternatives, contact our Sales department (international@pvo-int.com).

Download here our Module Portfolio Q1 2020




New generation inverters: TL-XE Series

In 2020, Growatt will launch the successor of the current MTL-S series. The new inverter generation is available in Q2: TL-XE Series. The Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XE is the new and most up-to-date smart inverter solution from Growatt. The compact design and high efficiency of up to 98.4% means that this inverter belongs to the new generation of small but powerful inverters.

The next generation has the following improvements:

  • The new inverters are 30% lighter than the MTL-S series.
  • New design with OLED display and Touch button
  • Smaller and more compact (the inverter is better protected against water and dust than its predecessor)
  • Easier to install
  • Standard Surge Protection Type II
  • Higher yield; 2 MPP trackers, per string 12.5A input current
  • AFCI is optional

Please note: the name of the models is not the same as its predecessor. The 5000MTL-S is being replaced by the 4600TL-XE and the 5500MTL-S is being replaced by the 5000TL-XE. The other models continue to use the same name until the 3000MTL-S (= 3000TL-XE).

Download here the datasheet (EN)



Mounting systems

New pricelists (gross) from Esdec and Van der Valk Solar Systems

From 1-1-2020 the gross prices of the mounting materials will go up. Both Esdec and Van der Valk Solar Systems are raising the gross prices of their products.

Download the new Esdec pricelist

For questions about the Van der Valk Solar Systems price increase, feel free to send us an email or call our Sales department.




Illegal range of Esdec products

E-mails are currently circulating in the solar PV market, sent by a company called Ekotechnik. These emails state that Ekotechnik offers Esdec products produced in India, namely the FlatFix Fusion product. This is an incorrect and misleading message.

The products that Ekotechnik offers are material copies that the company has produced illegally, without the permission of Esdec. The quality and weight of the components offered do not correspond to the Esdec standards. This means that the results of the Esdec calculator do not apply to Ekotechnik products.

Esdec wants to emphasize that it does not offer any R&D or design support to parties that have purchased the aforementioned material copies from Ekotechnik. These material copies are also not covered by the Esdec warranty on the original Esdec products. Esdec assumes no liability for complaints arising from the use of Ekotechnik’s material copies.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact PVO or contact Esdec directly.




In the new year Enphase will go on a  tour in the Netherlands and Belgium. During these informative training days you will become acquainted with the IQ system from Enphase.

  • Enphase technical training:
  • Sales arguments, why Enphase?
  • Premium microinverters available to everyone
  • Prospects for your residential market
  • Market trends

After the training you will receive a training certificate from Enphase, an Enphase goodie bag, questionnaire and you can also participate in a competition for an all-inclusive trip to California.

Register now




Did you know…

Growatt has a solution for commercial solar system self-consumption monitoring and export limitation. The Growatt Smart Energy Manager can monitor the solar system, and show the PV production, load consumption, import or export to grid, show the system self-consumption rate on the monitoring platform.

Download here the datasheet



Solar panels

At PVO International we always are competitive and we strive for the best pricing. On (Full) Black Friday we would like to share the following tip with you.

We are approaching the end of 2019. If we look ahead to 2020, we see that the solar panels are getting bigger in size and with higher output. The lower watt-peak panels that you considered as a standard panel at the start of this year are no longer being produced. PVO International has her final stock of 305Wp Full Black panels available that you can use for both your residential and commercial projects.

The last stock of GCL 305Wp Full Black.

Click here for more information about the use of Full Black panels for commercial projects.




There are many uncertainties about connectors. Many roof fires have occurred in PV systems in the past. TNO has conducted extensive research into this. The most common cause are the connectors.

That is why we made a roadmap for choosing the right connector for your project.

Read more…



Van der Valk Solar Systems

Change in packaging quantity and packaging method for the ValkPro + system back plates

There is a change in the packaging quantity and packaging method of the back plates for the ValkPro + system (code numbers 742510 through 742526). The number of back plates per standard quantity changes from 50 to 100 pieces. The back plates are now placed next to each other in two stacks of 50 pieces, instead of one stack of 50 pieces. The reason for the change is to add more stability to the package, so that it can be stacked and stored safely.

The new type of packaging per type will start when the existing stock of back plates is gone. The expectation is that for most articles this will be mid January 2020.



Van der Valk Solar Systems

Change in composition of adjustable panel clamps (721550 and 721550ZW)

In mid-December 2019, these clamps will now be fitted with a standard stainless steel nut instead of a stainless steel locknut. Due to the decreasing frame thicknesses of the panels in the market, clamps have to be tightened further and further, which increases the risk of the occurrence of so-called “cold welding”.

The purpose of the modification is therefore to reduce the friction between the bolt and nut during the tightening of the clamps, so that the heat development remains lower. The nut is also further tightened during pre-assembly (at 40 mm frame thickness), so that fewer revolutions are required to clamp the panel. This will eliminate the risk of “cold welding” and will also further increase the installation speed of the clamps.

The panel clamps are equipped with a plastic nut holder, so there is no direct reason to use a lock nut. A lock nut has no influence on the clamping force of the panel clamps. Tests have shown that the nuts will not shake loose during transport of the clamps.




Huawei Smartloggers

Note: the Smartlogger1000 is going out of production. In Q1, Huawei comes with a new Smartlogger; the Smartlogger 3000A. This Smartlogger has the same functionalities as the Smartlogger1000A, but without the American components, which are difficult to import for Huawei (import duties).

Datasheet SmartLogger3000A

In addition, a new Smartlogger will be launched in the course of next year: Smartlogger 3000B (+ 1000A). This Smartlogger allows you to manage a maximum of 200 inverters at the same time.

Datasheet SmartLogger3000B


New product: Smart Dongle

Huawei has developed a Smart Dongle for its inverters. For the smaller inverters, the Dongle can be a replacement for the Smartlogger (cost saving). However, the Dongle cannot operate 3 party software, such as a weather station, which a Smartlogger can. However, this is hardly ever the case with inverters up to 20KTL.

One Smart Dongle can connect up to 10 inverters.


Datasheet SmartDongle-WLAN-FE

Compatible with:




Datasheet SmartDongle-4G

Compatible with:







Van der Valk Solar Systems

Profiles for trapezoidal roofs are now always covered with EPDM rubber on the bottom

From 1 December 2019 the aluminium profiles for trapezoidal roofs will always be covered with EPDM rubber on the bottom of the profile, for the purpose of sealing. This was already the standard for fixing the profiles by means of steel sheet screws and now also applies to the fixing method by means of pop rivets. Previously, this last method used separately delivered EPDM plates.

In case the profiles are attached by means of pop rivets, the pop nails can simply be pushed through the hole in the profile and through the sealed EPDM rubber.

Note: there is no need to make a hole in the rubber in advance. This method ensures that the rubber closes accurately around the pop rivet and ensures more ease of installation.

* The profiles without EPDM rubber are available until December 20, 2019 and will disappear from the range afterwards.