Trina Mono Full Black 290Wp with BCRG-declaration back on stock

From now on you can order the Mono Full Black 290Wp panel from Trina Solar (with quality declaration from Bureau CRG).

PVO has again a large stock of the Trina Solar panel Mono Full Black with a capacity of 290 watt peak. This panel, together with the Trina Mono Full Black 275Wp panel, has a quality declaration from Bureau CRG. The panels have also been tested for energy performance and are compliant with the ISSO 82.1, ISSO 75.1 and NEN 7120.


What does the quality declaration mean?

A quality declaration from Bureau CRG is a statement that a certain product contains certain properties that comply with a generally accepted standard. The Bureau CRG checks and manages the Database of Controlled Quality Statements and Equivalence Statements. Quality declarations can be included at the request of manufacturers / suppliers. They check the panels on the TUV quality mark, flash data, serial numbers and whether the panel has achieved the actual capacity.

For more information about the quality declaration of Bureau CRG:

Other certificates for both Trina panels

The Trina Mono Full Black 275Wp and 290Wp also meet three other quality marks in addition to the BCRG quality declaration. In this way they comply with the quality certificates of ISSO 82.1 and ISSO 75.1. This means that the product meets the requirements set in the ISSO knowledge and in the inspection report. The NEN 7120 certificate has also been awarded to both the Trina Mono Full Black 275 Wp and the 290Wp. This standard determines whether the energy performance is sufficient to obtain an environmental permit.

At the moment, PVO is working hard to provide our other panels with a quality declaration from Bureau CRG.