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Our supplier Sungrow, world leader in inverters, is the first inverter manufacturer to have achieved the CB certification International Security Standard IEC 62443-4-1.

What does this mean and why is it so important? We are happy to explain it to you in this Q&A:


What is CB-certification?

IECEE CB certification is an international certification program. This program involves a mutual recognition of test results and certificates for the safety of electronic components, equipment and products.

CB certification was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE).

What does the standard IEC 62443-4-1 International Security Standard CB certification mean?

The standard IEC 62443-4-1 specifies process requirements for the secure development of products used in industrial control and automation systems (IACS). The standard describes a secure development lifecycle for developing and maintaining secure products.

It is one of the best practice standards selected by the European Union Network and Information Security Directive (NIS Directive).

Countries such as the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and India have adopted the standard as their national law.

Why is this certification important?

Cyber attacks can also affect solar installations. Information may be stolen and systems may be disrupted. Certification makes it possible to better ensure cyber security.

The IEC 62443-4-1 standard sees cyber security as an ongoing process and focuses on the development of IACS components that are ‘secure-by-design’. The integration of these components in an industrial environment must be governed by policies and practices with defence-in-depth strategies. A defence-in-depth strategy refers to a cyber security approach that uses multiple layers of security.

What is so special about obtaining the certification?

Sungrow is the first company with the CB certification of this standard in the renewable energy sector. This is an important milestone in Sungrow’s constant attention to combating cybersecurity.

What does this mean for the product?

From design and development to testing and implementation, Sungrow is strictly in line with the rigorous secure product development life-cycle process, including the security management, specification of security requirements, secure by design, secure implementation, security verification and validation testing, management of security-related issues, security update management and security guidelines.

Which product is it about?

Sungrow iSolarCloud system solution passed all requirements of the standard. Sungrow is among the few companies offering a certified solution that is designed with security into products from the beginning of the development life cycle.

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