Busy with installing in the hot sun this summer? And you have to complete a lot more projects in the coming weeks? During this sizzling summer we would like to give something back to our partners. Order one or more containers of solar panels at PVO in the month of August and you and your colleagues have the chance to win great prices during our summerdeal: Container Roulette.

What exactly entails the summerdeal?

If you place an order for one or more containers of solar panels at PVO during the month of August, you will automatically participate in the summerdeal Container Roulette. Your containers are provided with a random number and participate automatically at the Roulette table. This gives you the chance to win great prizes to share with your colleagues.

The more containers you buy, the greater your chances of winning.


What can you win?

Casino Night*

Play Roulette and / or Black Jack with your colleagues at your own office. We provide a well-organized casino evening at the location of the prize winner. This casino evening is suitable for around 17 players.


Go skydiving with 10 colleagues and enjoy 3 indoor skydiving sessions per person. Including a welcome with snack and drink and with a real certificate afterwards!

Course in skidding*

Take with 10 colleagues a course in skidding and ice driving. A two-hour activity in which you learn how to act when your car is skidding and how to prevent this from happening.

* The prices may vary for the winners outside of The Netherlands, due to the possibilities of the activities outside The Netherlands.

Faites vos jeux !


The rules of Container Roulette

  • Only valid during the summerdeal period: August 1 – August 30 2019, then Rien ne va plus.
  • Minimum purchase for participation in Container Roulette is 1 container of solar panels, with more containers you have more chance of winning one of our main prizes.
  • Ordering and paying for the container(s) must be done between 1 and 30 August 2019.
  • All brands and all modules participate while stocks last.
  • Container (s) must be out for delivery before the 1st of October.
  • The winners of the Container Roulette will be announced in the third week of September.
  • The Roulette winners will have until the 31st of December 2019 to collect the prize.

Join the game!