Statement: PVO & Manufacturers

At PVO International, we respect human rights and conduct business ethically and sustainably. PVO International supports human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” We work to elevate human potential through our products, partnerships and operations, something that cannot be accomplished without a fundamental respect for human rights throughout our operations. We expect the same from our suppliers, and focus on working with long-term, strategic suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to engaging their workers, providing safe working conditions and advancing environmental responsibility. This includes working to combat risks of forced labor.

As used in this statement, forced labor includes modern slavery, prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, human trafficking or other similar conduct. PVO International takes seriously and fully supports efforts to end forced labor.

For the production of solar cells, silicon is fundamental. Approximately 50% of Global supply comes from the Xinjiang Province. A great majority of the largescale module makers source silicon from companies located in Xinjiang. Since the first report of forced labor in the New York Times in the beginning of this year, PVO International is taking this very seriously and discussing this with its module suppliers. Fortunately, our module suppliers take an active role in this matter and are not shying away. Jinko officially declared that they have engaged Elevate Limited, a global leader in sustainability and supply chain services, to conduct a thorough audit of their facilities on the basis of the applicable PRC laws and regulations as well as international recognized standards and practices. As soon as the audit is finished, Jinko will provide us the results.

Trina Solar has a Corporate Social Responsibility Report. From page 47 onwards, you can find what the CSR commitment is all about.

Jinko Solar has their Code of Conduct with their suppliers, in which chapter three is about social responsibility. Besides this, they also publicise a Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The statements of both companies you can find here:

Statement JinkoSolar  – download

Statement  Trina Solardownload


At PVO International, we will keep pushing our suppliers not only to demand their supply chain to respect human rights, but also to organize audits to assure a supply chain free of forced labor.