Our assortment of solar panels

Because we chose to deal exclusively with Tier-1 manufactures to ensure our quality standard, PVO International is a recognised dealer of A-brands Trina Solar, Jinko Solar and GCL. The brands Trina Solar, Jinko Solar and GCL belong to to the top 2% of the solar cell manufacturers.

Solar cell manufacturers are only classified as Tier-1 if they have delivered products to a minimum of five different project that have been financed by five different banks in the past two years.

These transactions must be traceable by Bloomberg L.P. and the project location, size, developer and financing bank must operate in the public domain. If all these criteria are met and the solar cell manufacturer is not registered as bankrupt or insolvent, it is classified as Tier-1.

Since its foundation in 2014, PVO works with Trina Solar and has visited the Trina factories multiple times over the past years. Since 2018, PVO added GCL to the assortment. At the beginning of 2019 we added also Jinko Solar to our assortment. This way we’re able to offer a wide range of mono, poly, and percium cells.

Types of solar panels

Our assortment consists of four types of solar cells; Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, Percium and Cast Mono. Every type has its own properties that lend itself to specific situations. Apart from the efficiency with which the sunlight is converted into energy, we will of course consider any other possible wish from the project and give suitable advice in order to reach the desired result, now and in the future.

Polycrystalline panels

Efficiency: 15-16%

These blue cells consist of multiple (poly) crystals that  come in different sizes during production and are made into rectangles in the end. They have a type of shattering pattern. This makes producing polycrystalline cells the cheapest way to manufacture solar cells and means they are also sold for the best price. Apart from the price, the polycrystalline solar cell has the benefit of a better efficiency with diffuse daylight, which is prevalent in the Netherlands.

Zonnepaneel PVO

Monocrystalline panels

Efficiency: 17%

Monocrystalline panel consist of s single (mono) crystal with an even black/dark blue surface and ordered electrodes. The production costs of monocrystalline cells are higher than those of polycrystalline cells, but monocrystalline cells are famed for their clean look thanks to the high aesthetic value of the black. They’re available with a white back sheet or a black back sheet, where the cells with a black back sheet are indicate as designer cells because they’re completely black.

Zonnepaneel PVO

Percium panels

Efficiency: 18+%

Percium panels are well-suited to Dutch weather. Scientific research has shown that the cells perform better with low light levels than standard cells, have a positive tolerance of 5% and can handle extreme weather. One cell can handle the pressure of 2400 bar windspeed and 5400 bar from snow pressure. It should be noted that, in Percium cells too, extreme gusts of wind can lead to cell breaches because they are mechanically overburdened.

Zonnepaneel PVO

Cast Mono panels

Efficiency: 19+%

The Cast Mono panels are a combination of the Poly and Mono technology. This is the first counterpart of the Mono Perc modules. The Cast Mono panels are 99% Mono and 1% Poly. Thanks to the quasi-monostructure and 2% larger cell areas, the Cast Mono module delivers the same efficiency as a Mono module. The benefits are less loss of performance in the long term (mono) and a very competitive price (poly).

Zonnepaneel PVO