Our extensive range of premium brands

High quality and reliable premium brands, that’s what we stand for at PVO International. We are an authorized dealer of premium brands such as JinkoSolar and Trina Solar. We consciously choose reliable Tier 1 manufacturers in order to continue to live up to our high standards.


Tier 1 classification

A manufacturer has to work hard to receive a Tier 1 classification. Solar panel manufacturers must meet various requirements in order to be named as a Tier 1 manufacturer. The requirements of a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer include; vertical integration, investments in in research & development (R&D), production needs to be fully automated and the manufacturer has been producing solar panels for at least 5 years.

The requirements for a Tier 1 classification have been drawn up by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. In addition to the above requirements, the financial status of the manufacturer is also closely monitored. For example, a solar panel manufacturer must have supplied its products to at least five different projects that have been funded by five different banks in the past two years.

According to the BloombergNEF report, a solar module brand is bankable if banks feel comfortable providing non-recourse finance to a project that uses that brand. If all of these requirements are met, a solar panel manufacturer will receive the status of a Tier 1 brand.



It is important for PVO and its partners that we have a good relationship with our suppliers. Thanks to our good relationships with our suppliers, we are constantly informed about the latest (quality) developments and trends in the market. PVO has been working with Trina Solar since its establishment in 2014. And from early 2019 we also have JinkoSolar in our assortment We have repeatedly visited the factories of our suppliers in last couple of years. Through our collaborations we can offer a wide range of mono, percium, mono-facial and bifacial solar panels.