PVO Insight: Solar market

The solar market is and will certainly remain a turbulent market. That is why we like to catch you up with all the ins and outs of the current solar panel market.

In the past year, prices have fallen rapidly for solar panels. As a result of the abolition of the Minimum Import Price (MIP) of Chinese goods. The prices went down quickly and this decline continued until the end of 2018. Many of us had therefore thought that the drop in prices would continue in the new year. However, we anticipated a price increase this year, even though it did come earlier than we expected.

At the moment, the demand is many times greater than the production capacity of the Tier1 manufacturers. In addition, the superpowers in solar try to anticipate the impending import tariffs (United States) and the announced tariff reduction (Germany). The rising costs for the raw materials also contribute to an increase in the price.

Our advice:

Try to make as good as possible a forecast for all your PV supplies. This way we can offer you the best help for you and deliver all your desired materials on time at attractive conditions.


For more information about the current situation of the solar market, please contact us. Our account managers are happy to provide you with the latest info and will advise you in the best purchase moment for all your PV-necessities.

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