PVO Inside: Solar Solutions 2019

What caught our eye at Solar Solutions 2019?

Many new product innovations were shown during the solar trade fair of the Netherlands. This three-day edition ended with a record number of 11,281 visitors. A nice new championship has also been created: the Dutch Championship Placing Panels. We would like to tell you more about what we noticed during Solar Solutions 2019.


New introductions to Solar Solutions 2019:

Solar panels

Trina Solar introduces Honey M in Black

Trina presented her new “Full Black” module. This module is completely black and provides 340W more power than their previous panels. An extremely suitable model for the residential market. In addition, they also introduced their own PV floating system, since there is increasing demand from the Dutch market.

Jinko shows the Cheetah panel series

Our new supplier Jinko Solar showed the ultra-high power panels of the Cheetah series during the three trading days. We have included this series in our standard assortment, because it is an extremely suitable project panel with high power. With the Cheetah series, Jinko introduces new wafer dimensions and new cell and module designs as a result the panel achieves high results, even above 400Wp.

View our selection of Jinko Solar here



Growatt introduces MAX inverters and the new 1-phase inverter series

During Solar Solutions, Growatt presented its newest commercial inverter: the Growatt MAX (50kW – 80kW). The inverter has 6 MPPT trackers, allowing a much more flexible PV configuration and installation.

MAX uses a quad-core architecture, which means it is better able to collect, exchange and process information to offer better protection and smarter operation and maintenance options. The inverter also has diagnostic functions to guarantee the operating environment of the frequency inverter and to resolve problems in time in the event of malfunctions. Furthermore, functionalities such as remote monitoring via the cloud make maintenance much easier.

In addition, they also presented the new 1-phase inverter series MIN 2500-6000TL-X (2.5kW – 5kW) for the first time. The new single-phase inverters are prepared for the future. The new model is prepared to be connected to a storage system. In addition, the inverter is 35% lighter than its predecessor. The expected launch date for the Netherlands is at the end of 2019.

Download the datasheet here

SolarEdge presents new designer tool

SolarEdge presents the SolarEdge Designer. A free, web-based tool that keeps the design costs of PV systems low. The online tool can be used to plan, design and implement SolarEdge systems. Because the SolarEdge Designer uses satellite images, the design of a PV system can be immediately validated, saving time and costs. The tool also simplifies the electrical design process, gives advice on the products to be used and creates a material list. The SolarEdge Designer is now available anywhere in the world and is hosted in the cloud with access from any Mac or PC.

SMA introduces the Sunny Highpower PEAK3

The Sunny Highpower PEAK3 from SMA was shown at the Dutch trade fair for the first time in the Netherlands. This string inverter is the central building block of the SMA solution for PV plants with a decentralized architecture and system voltages of 1,500 DC.

The PEAK3 makes a DC / AC ratio of up to 150 percent possible. The automatic SMA Smart Connected service further facilitates management and maintenance and reduces service costs over the total project duration. The compact design and low weight with customized parts ensure a quick and safe installation. Moreover, the DC Combiner Box makes efficient planning and easy expansion of large-scale solar power plants possible. Projects can be scaled thanks to the modular approach.


Other eye-catchers:

First National Championship Placing Panels

The first ‘NK Panelen Plaatsen’ that took place during the 3 exhibition days at Solar Solutions had an exciting finale. The fastest time was noted during the last round between two installation companies. The title went to Mark Bos and Ben Kremer from Solar Noord, congratulations gentlemen!

Terracotta X-tile panels

The Dutch solar panel manufacturer Exasun is introducing its terracotta X-tile solar panels. The product was awarded with the Solar Solutions Innovation Award on the first day of the exhibition. The jury report explains why:

The terracotta color of this solar panel fits perfectly with the Dutch market. In addition, there is plenty of attention for the important issue: the reduction of the yield by applying color. Exasun works hard to reduce the additional cost of 10 to 15 percent and the revenue loss of 20 percent. For example, the company has already succeeded in realizing a yield loss of only 6 percent with the color gray. This innovation is an important step. But we are not there yet.

View here the impression of Solar Solutions 2019