PVO and Jinko: partners towards ESG Excellence

PVO’s ESG & Traceability commitment starts with ESG compliance. This compliance involves a rigorous yearly audit conducted by SA8000 certified auditors across partner factories. Aligned with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requirements, the audit ensures a comprehensive overview of our supply chain processes, providing transparency and accountability.

With a shared commitment to high ESG standards, our collaboration with Jinko is geared towards setting new benchmarks in the solar industry. Jinko and PVO’s collaboration took center stage at the Sustainable Solar Europe 2023 event, with meaningful dialogues on ESG topics. These experiences have been essential in shaping industry approach to sustainability.

Jinko’s drive for ESG excellence is clear: in the latest MSCI ESG ratings from December, 2023, Jinko was awarded the highest score BBB among mainstream PV companies with two consecutive upgrades (ESG Ratings, n.d.). So we asked the Jinko ESG team: How does Jinko contribute to these ESG principles which our partners benefit from?

Find out how PVO can excel in on Environmental, Social and Governance, together with Jinko.


Environmental aspect

Jinko’s commitment to sustainability and its leadership in adopting environmentally friendly practices within the solar industry is clear.  Jinko is the first Chinese solar manufacturer to pledge to RE100 and EP100 initiatives, with the aim of driving the transition towards large-scale zero carbon grids.

Jinko’s commitment to sustainability shows in their low-carbon production processes. The company manages energy consumption through lean practices and increased utilization of clean energy by building rooftop photovoltaic power stations and procuring green electricity. This commitment has resulted in the establishment of three manufacturing facilities that run on 100% green electricity.

Jinko’s products are market leading in terms of carbon emissions. Its mainstream products have earned multiple certifications and comply with high-standard carbon emission requirements in various markets, including France CRE, Korea CFP, EPD for multiple markets and CRE4, LCA, and TUV LCA.


Social aspect

Jinko aligns its business operations with universally accepted principles covering human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the company strictly adheres to the UNGC’s Code of Conduct, applying it globally across all operational levels.

Jinko and PVO both hold high standard for supply chain accountability. Therefore, PVO conducts thorough factory and supply chain audits. Jinko is well prepared for this process with internal teams focused on product traceability and labor compliance. Jinko has established a vertically-integrated product traceability management program to ensure transparency in production regulations and product lifecycles. Additionally, external independent consultants conduct periodic onsite third-party CSR and traceability audits to ensure compliance with international treaties and laws. Dedicated traceable and auditable supply chains have been developed for customers across different regions, including for PVO and its partners.


ESG Governance

When it comes to ESG governance, Jinko has established specialized internal teams for product traceability and labor compliance focusing on preventing, identifying, and remedying Forced Labor risks. The company implemented a comprehensive product traceability management program aligning with client and stakeholder expectations. Jinko also engages with external consultants for independent CSR and traceability audits to ensure compliance with international labor standards.


Powerful partnership

Aga Michalak, – Head of Marketing, BD & ESG Europe at Jinko Solar states: ‘’In terms of traceability support, Jinko is committed to actively providing a transparent view of its supply chain processes.’’ As strategic partners, PVO and Jinko have engaged in multiple collaborations of scale and importance. Aga Continues: ‘’This partnership with PVO not only exemplifies Jinko’s commitment to excellence and sustainability but also reflects our enduring dedication to forging meaningful, strategic relationships with our clients.’’


Do you wish to explore the possibilities of ethical procurement with PVO and Jinko? Our experts are ready to discuss the latest Jinko developments on Jinko Solar panels and our ESG & Traceability efforts. Together we have the power to change the world.