Project nearby our office

9 April 2019

We were asked to provide a very nearby roof with all necessary solar materials. The roof has a total of 2,778 solar panels, together they produce more than 680,000 kWh of solar energy annually.

For this project PVO delivered:

2,170 pieces Trina TSM-280PD05

84 pieces Trina TSM-270 PD05

524 pieces Trina TSM-270PD05

11 pieces of SMA Sunny Tripower Core 1 (STP50-40)

Mounting system from Van der Valk

Wire cable trays from Vergokan

40 km solar cable from Helukabel

Our products

Trina Honey Poly 280WP

[ TSM-280 PD05 - Poly ]

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Trina Honey Poly 275WP

[ TSM-275 PD05 - Poly ]

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Trina Honey Poly 270WP

[ TSM-270 PD05 - Poly ]

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SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 (STP 50-40)

[ Sunny Tripower CORE1 (STP 50-40) ]

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Wire Cable Tray Hot-Dip

[ Draadgoot VFUL60 HD ]

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DC Cable


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