New: Growatt MAX-series string inverters

Growatt introduced their new series of 3-phase inverters during the twelfth edition of the SNEC Expo.

During the twelfth edition of the SNEC Expo in China, Growatt showcased its biggest product range ever, including: the MAX50-80KTL3 LV inverters. The string inverters are equipped with 6 MPPTs, enabling more flexible string configuration and less string mismatch loss for commercial rooftop installs with shading issues. Therefore, these inverters are ideal for commercial roofs and large distribution projects.

The MAX-series have both lightning protection and fire protection. The inverters along with sufficient communication methods can match different on-grid scenarios. Anti-PID is integrated as a standard configuration, so there is no need for external anti-PID device. The inverter has fault waveform recoding function, should the inverter go wrong it will record one and half period (30ms long, 15ms before or 15ms after the fault) of waveform, voltage, current and power for trouble shooting purposes. Besides that, the Growatt service engineer can handle around 60% of the problems by remote configuration and FW update without on-site service. This saves time and costs for installers and distributors. Smart string monitoring and Smart I-V diagnosis are key features.

MAX50-80KTL3 LV are now available


– Maximum efficiency up to 99%
– 6 MPPTs
– IP65 protection degree
– 12 strings intelligent monitoring
– fast trouble-shooting

Download the datasheet here