New generation of solar panels

All solar panel manufacturers are heavily investing in improving their solar panel portfolio. New technologies are being invented or merged. Many of these new technologies are already available in the Netherlands this year and next year. As a result, we will be saying goodbye to our standard panels and we are seeing other formats and technologies quickly emerging. Below a small overview of the new generation of panels that will soon be available at PVO.



Cheetah Half-Cell modules

JinkoSolar continues to perform with their solar panel portfolio. They broaden range of the Cheetah-series with the Half-Cell modules. With these modules you can lower your system costs while generating more energy on the same roof surface. With half-cell technology, a cell can generate an average of 7Wp more energy than an entire cell. From the beginning of week 35 the high watt peak panels (335Wp and 340Wp) of the Cheetah series are available.


Swan Bifacial modules

In addition, Jinko introduces the new Swan modules: a combination of the high-efficiency Cheetah Mono PERC Bifacial cell with a transparent Tedlar backsheet from DuPont. The Swan modules can achieve a power of 415W at the front with a power increase of 25% at the back and a 30-year power guarantee. Available in 2020.



Cast Mono modules

The originally poly specialist GCL combines poly technology with monocrystalline, with which they are the first to have developed a counterpart of mono Perc called Cast Mono. The output currently varies between 320Wp and 335Wp. The advantage of these modules is that they have less performance loss in the long term and are very competitively priced. The first Cast Mono modules will be available from week 39.


Trina Solar

MBB modules

The aesthetic Honey Black M series has been specially designed by Trina Solar for the higher segment of the residential market. These Full Black Half Cell modules have thin bus bars that all look black at a distance. The half-cell design ensures higher efficiency compared to the same whole-cell panel. The 320Wp modules are available immediately.