New: Esdec – Perimeter Ballast

Due to the growing demand for larger solar panels, Esdec has designed the FlatFix Fusion Add-Ons. Esdec makes it possible to install a panel with a length of 2080 mm and with a width of up to 1050 mm.

The most important addition of the new Add-Ons from FlatFix Fusion is the Perimeter Ballast. The Perimeter Ballast ensures a more evenly distributed point load on the outside of the field. By simply “ballasting” the perimeter, the total ballast over the entire field can be determined more efficiently. In a number of cases, this may result in a reduction in ballast. This is of course different per project. Moreover, the Perimeter Ballast only applies for the first row oriented south, or the outer rows oriented east and west.



From now on the new Add-Ons are used in the Esdec Calculator. The Esdec Calculator focuses on the standard values ​​of the coefficient of friction and edge zones. If your project has to do with different factors, you can approach the Project Engineering team at Esdec at any time. The new application in the Calculator will result in a possible change in your product list, some standard items have changed to new products.