Our assortment of mounting systems

The efficiency of solar cells is, apart from their own properties, largely dependent on the mounting system in which they’re applied. With incorrect mounting or lesser-quality material, cells can break and lessen the efficiency of the cells.

Van der Valk Solar Systems & Esdec

PVO has chosen to work with mounting systems manufacturers Van der Valk Solar Solar Systems and Esdec. These parties are specialised in serving the residential and commercial markets.

Online calculator

With the Esdec and Van der Valk Solar Systems calculators, you can easily calculate which materials you need for your project. Now you will be certain of ordering the right materials. This prevents mistakes and saves a lot of time, the calculators of both suppliers are only available for the professional installer.

For solar cells on slanted roofs, use the ClickFit calculator or the renewed ClickFit Evo calculator. For flat roofs, you can use the FlatFix calculator.

Van der Valk Solar Systems
The ValkPVplanner is and online calculation program that calculates the right mounting materials for all roofs via Google in quick and easy steps, also outside the Netherlands. The ValkPVplanner is user-friendly, fast and complete.