JinkoSolar launches Tiger Pro (580Wp)

Early this morning (Friday May 15, European time) JinkoSolar launched a new module series: Tiger Pro. The showpiece is the new 78TW panel that achieves a maximum power of 580Wp (!)

The Tiger Pro series consists of four module types. In addition to the 78TW, they introduce the modules 60TR, output up to 430Wp, and the series 72TR and 72HC with an output up to 530Wp.

The use of the tiling ribbon technology and the use of monocrystalline PERC has increased the efficiency of the modules to 21.6%. In addition, the new Jinko modules use the 9-bus-bar technology. This narrows the distance between the bus bars and grid lines, reducing resistance loss and increasing output and efficiency.


During the presentation JinkoSolar stated that they expect to be able to start Q3 of this calendar year with mass production. As soon as the modules become available, we will add them in our module portfolio.

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