Jinko panels receive the BCRG-quality declaration

The panels of JinkoSolar have received the BCRG-certification. For the quality declaration the panels have been tested for energy performance and as a result they are all compliant with the ISSO 82.1, ISSO 75.1 and NEN 7120.

What does the quality declaration mean?

A quality declaration from Bureau CRG is a statement that a certain product contains certain properties that comply with a generally accepted standard. The Bureau CRG checks and manages the Database of Controlled Quality Statements and Equivalence Statements. Quality declarations can be included at the request of manufacturers / suppliers. They check the panels on the TUV quality mark, flash data, serial numbers and whether the panel has achieved the actual capacity.

For more information about the quality declaration of Bureau CRG: www.bcrg.nl

Jinko panels with the BCRG-quality declaration:

The quality declaration can be found in the databank from Bureau CRG.