Our assortment of inverters

PVO International works with top manufacturers like Huawei, Growatt, SMA,  Solaredge and Enphase. Because of this, we have a wide range of inverters from 1 up to 185KW to supply both the residential and the commercial market.

Apart from the wide range, the quality of our converters is, just like our solar cells, important to us. This is why, at the founding of PVO in 2014, we immediately chose to proceed with Growatt, an A+ manufacturer of converters. Only converter manufacturers that have been positively evaluated by the Photon test institute in Germany are given this status.

We are very happy with this collaboration with Growatt, but have also expanded our range. Over the past years, we expanded our assortment with A+ manufactures Huawei and SMA as well as Solaredge and Enphase. We made this decision for our customers, because we noticed that our customers needed to offer a wider range to their residential and business customers in order to supply the best converter for every situation.

Online calculators

With the calculators of the inverter manufacturers, you can easily calculate your solar power system.

Enphase Module Compatibility Calculator

Growatt Shine Design

Huawei Solar Configuration Tool

SMA Sunny Design Web

SolarEdge Site Designer