Our assortment of inverters

PVO International works with top manufacturers such as Sungrow, Growatt, SMA, Solaredge and Enphase. This allows us to offer a wide range of inverters from 1 to 250KW. With this, both the residential market and the business market can be served with top quality.

The quality of our inverter manufacturers is just as important as that of our solar panels. A clear course was set with the establishment of PVO in 2014. We then started with Growatt, an A+ manufacturer of inverters. This status is only issued to inverter manufacturers if they have received a positive assessment from the Photon test institute in Germany.

That’s how we started with our partner Growatt. In recent years we have expanded our range with the brands SMA, Solaredge, Enphase and recently Sungrow. So we can offer a broader package of inverters in both the commercial and residential market. Now we have the ideal inverter for every situation.

Online calculators

With the calculators of the inverter manufacturers, you can easily calculate your solar power system.

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