Huawei: update portfolio

Huawei gives an update about their renewed portfolio. The 3-phase line inverters are being replaced by a new generation as well as the SmartLogger.

In August a lot of new models will become available of the new generation of inverters from Huawei. The new Intersolar Award winning 3-phase line of residential and commercial inverters will be available from mid-August. The old 3-phase line is being phased out and replaced by the new 3-phase line. As well as the SmartLogger 1000, this product will go out of production and eventually be replaced by the SmartLogger 1000A.


Old article New replacement Available from
SUN2000-8KTL SUN2000-8KTL-M0 Mid August 2019
SUN2000-10KTL SUN2000-10KTL-M0 Mid August 2019
SUN2000-12KTL SUN2000-12KTL-M0 August 2019
SUN2000-17KTL SUN2000-17KTL-M0 August 2019
SUN2000-20KTL SUN2000-20KTL-M0 August 2019
SUN2000-60KTL-HV SUN2000-105KTLH1 8-12 weeks delivery time
SmartLogger 1000 SmartLogger 1000A Coming soon


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