Germany plans 20% FIT cut for solar

Following the heads of Germany’s CDU, CSU and SPD parties – who form a governing coalition – agreeing to expand renewable energy generation, a related draft bill by the Federal Ministry of Economics has been made public.

The proposed bill includes planned changes in Germany’s renewable energy law – the EEG – and much more, including a 20% FIT cut for rooftop PV systems of 40-750 kW in scale, a segment that was decisive for this year’s strong growth in renewables. If confirmed, the FIT reduction would come into force from January 1.

The FIT for commercial and industrial PV installations up to 750 kW in size was €0.1068/kWh last month. The proposed reduction would reduce that to €0.0833/kWh from January 1. According to German solar association the BSW, around half the annual newly installed PV capacity will be affected by the proposed reduction.

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Source: PV Magazine