Extra checks

The importance of the extra check on solar panels

PVO supplies only high-quality products; apart from the qualification of manufacturers, we would like to know what kind of quality we deliver to you. We strive for the highest quality. That is why we test our panels by Solartester.

The quality of our products is our priority. We only work with Tier 1 qualified suppliers in order to provide you with the highest quality solar panels. All our panels have the correct certificates. As you cannot see on the outside whether a solar panel is working properly, the checking of the quality is very important.

With some regularity we carry out additional checks, for example visiting the factories where the panels are being produced. These visits are not only to test the quality, but are also for the personal contact with the manufacturer.
When the solar panels arrive at our warehouse we let Solartester BV test the panels. Solartester test our delivered panels by using their mobile test centre. The power of the panel is measured based on a Flash test. In addition, an EL image is made which makes production errors, micro cracks and other deviations visible. Below you can see the EL image from the Poly 265Wp from Talesun (TP660P). The picture shows you how a well-functioning A-quality panel should look like. Next to it you see an EL image of a poorly functioning panel, with great colour differences in the cells.


The reason for choosing to do extra checks is because damage due to improper manufacture, transport and storage, bad ‘batches’ and production errors may have occurred in advance. To test the panels again when they arrive in our warehouse, we can supply the panels with more certainty and give you the confidence that the delivered panels are delivered with the desired yields. This ensures that the panels, which you buy from us, meet the highest quality.