European minimum import price likely to be eliminated for Chinese solar products

The European Union has voted this week about the minimum import price (MIP) of crystalline silicion solar cells and solar panels from China. The conclusion of this vote is that the import duties most likely expire on the 3rd of September 2018.

From internal correspondence to Solar Magazine, the Trade Committee Committee of the European Council has discredited the European Commission’s proposal not to open a Fault Statement. According to Reuters, the majority of European member states have decided that the import duties should be stopped. The date was already set on 3 September 2018.

The European Union announced mid-March that the import duties on crystalline silicon solar cells and solar panels originating from China will expire on September 3 2018. Until the 3rd of June, a statement could be made against the proposal. In early June it was expected that the proposal regarding the import duties would be extended by one year. From documents received by the editors of Solar Magazine, it appears that an objection was filed, a so-called ‘Expiry Review’ request. According to the European association, the European Commission refuses to make a fair assessment of the requested expiry review.

We expect the European Union to confirm the termination of import duties in the coming days via the official channels.

What does this mean for you?

From September 3, European countries can get their solar panels directly from China. In all likelihood this will result in a decrease of the prices.
We like to keep everyone informed and will inform you as soon as we have more information.