As a company we find it important to contribute to the environment and society. That is why we invest in projects that are close to our hearts.


WEEE Nederland

PVO International has a selected assortment of reputable brands. The products we supply contribute to a cleaner environment because they generate sustainable ‘green’ energy. It is also important for the products themselves to be environmental friendly. Because we profile ourselves as a “green company”, we made a conscious choice to join a collective take-back system that recycles our solar cells and inverters, WEEE Netherlands.


WEEE Netherlands is a collective take-back system registered with the Dutch government that takes care of collecting and recycling e-waste. Since 14 February 2014, importers are required to join such a take-back system. You can find more information on the recycle process on the WEEE Netherlands website. You can also find a list of all the products that have joined WEEE Netherlands. PVO International has joined under her business name, Greening Components B.V.

With PVO International products, you know you are, apart from generating green energy, contributing to a better environment!

Juntos Contigo

As a company, we want to contribute to society. Since 2017, PVO International is supporting the foundation Juntos Contigo. We help the foundation financially, but also offer them help and advice from our own expertise.

Juntos Contigo is a foundation that helps the residents of Villa Virgen de Guadaloupe in Nicaragua. The foundation was set up in response to the situations of the families who lived on the dumping ground of Managua. Since 2004, the foundation has been trying to give the neighbourhood a future perspective. They mainly focus on children and young adults. The local team of Juntos Contigo consists of professionals who know the residents, culture and society like no other. They offer a place where they can give the children a future by providing educational support and computer skills. In addition, they provide a nice place where the children can play, dance, play and where they can do some tinkering.

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Mabel's Cottage

We have always had the idea of knowing a project and / or people on every continent that we as PVO can support. We connect people and fulfil our goal of taking care of this earth and the people who live on it. The Mabel’s Cottage foundation, located in Sierra Leone (West Africa), was looking for help to realize an off-grid solar power system to improve their energy supply. PVO supports this project by arranging and financing the requirements for the off-grid solar system.

The Mabel’s Cottage Foundation aims to improve the position of teenagers in Sierra Leone. In particular, vulnerable, single, pregnant teenagers and their child helping them to build a future and to become financially independent.
In 2016 they started, together with the home, in Freetown to set up a bakery that would allow Mabel’s Cottage to self-fund the care and education of the teens. But it also provides employment to carers, bread sellers and bakers. In this way, they now work entirely independently. Only in the event of calamities and larger projects, such as solar power system, will the Foundation be called upon.

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Approved Apprenticeship

Since September 2018 is PVO International recognized as a learning company in Transport and Logistics. This recognition from the Vocational Education Labour Market (SBB) makes it possible for students to do a practical internship in our warehouse. In addition, we have also received recognition for the Marketing and Communication department. As a company, we are very proud of this and are happy to share our knowledge and the opportunity to gain experience in practice.

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