Channeling Solar Power with Helukabel

Helukabel was founded in 1978 and is one of the leading international manufacturers of cables and wires, with 57 locations in 36 countries around the world. Helukabel delivers cables, wires and accessories for a large number of industrial and commercial applications. In the early 90’s they developed the first PV cables sold today under the SOLARFLEX® trademark, with worldwide approvals from TÜV and VDE (NEN-EN 50618).


Solutions for every solar project
When you choose Helukabel cables for your PV project you have the certainty of a specialized manufacturer with 40 years of experience. Good quality cables are important to realize a solar installation that lasts a long time. Due to the occasional extreme weather conditions outdoors, strict requirements are placed on the cables. For the cabling of solar modules, Helukabel offers the SOLARFLEX brand of high-quality cables certified by TÜV. Thanks to special sheathing materials and insulating materials, they are not only flame retardant and halogen-free, but also resistant to ozone, UV, acids and alkalis, hydrolysis and ammonia. Other advantages of the SOLARFLEX cables are that they are colourfast, easy and good to strip and that they have minimum tolerance of the outer sheath diameter.

For the infrastructure cabling of solar parks, Helukabel has various grounding, low- and medium voltage cables available in their assortment. Their aluminium cables are a lighter and more cost-effective option.


What’s important to realize a perfect installation?

There are a few factors very important for a perfect installation. Make sure you have done the following checks for your cable management:

  • PV systems are electrical low-voltage installations, that’s why installations in the Netherlands have to be realized according to the NEN 1010. This also applies to cabling.
  • NEN-EN-IEC 62446-1: This is a European norm in addition to the NEN 1010. NEN-EN IEC 62446-1 specifies the requirements for documentation, tests and inspection. For the cabling part at least a ground plan must be available. This scheme must be annotated with the information described in 4.3.2 to 4.3.6 of this NEN norm.
  • The cables have to be stripped the same way, so that they can be placed perfect into the connector, that’s why a good stripping tool and professional crimping tool are necessary.
  • The female and male connector must be from the same producer and must fit with each other.
  • Cables without armouring may only be used if they are properly protected against mechanical damage by installation in pipes, ducts, gutters or channels intended for that purpose. This does not apply to extensive cable networks of industrial companies that meet a number of conditions.


 For a more extensive checklist for a perfect PV installation on the DC and AC side, click here


Which cables from Helukabel are used in solar projects?


SOLARFLEX-X H1Z2Z2-K cables are ozone, weather and UV resistant, halogen free and fire retardend. The SOLARFLEX-X H1Z2Z2-K cables are also very robust and the sheath is wear-resistant, direct burial in pipe is possible. The cables are, partly due to the double insulation, resistant to short circuits up to 200 °C. The cables are provided with meter marking. Helukabel guarantees a long lifespan (approx. 25 years).


In addition to connecting cables for panels, Helukabel also offers earth control cable. The NAYY and NYY power cables, made with aluminium or copper conductor, are super strong, flexible and can withstand temperatures from -40 °C to a max. of 70 °C. There are also armoured versions of these cables, the NYCY and NYCWY.

Often the HELUTHERM 145 cable is used. This cable can be used in a temperature range from -55°C  to +145°C.


HELUKAT® 600 data cables are characterized by large power reserves and outstanding performance. These cables enable problem-free monitoring of the photovoltaic system. With its double PVC sheath, the HELUKAT® 600A series is designed specifically for outdoor installations such as house walls and routes. The HELUKAT® 600AE series is equipped with a double FRNC / PE sheath and metallic rodent-protection, making it suitable for direct burial.


Download here the overview of Helukabel’s portfolio – Channeling solar power


Other cables that are often used in PV:

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