Corporate Social Responsibility

Working together, doing business together

With our business activities, we want to speed up the energy transition to keep our planet livable. In fact, the three well-known Ps of corporate social responsibility, People, Planet and Profit, form the basis of our business. We conduct our business sustainably out of conviction. This mentality is reflected in our business attitude and our corporate culture. PVO International is much more than an organization with a profit motive.


People-oriented work

At PVO it is all about the people as the driving factor of the organization. And you have to take good care of them. We do this by offering an environment where people can work with pleasure, use their talents, develop themselves and add value. And all this within a dynamic environment in which we do business together.


Sharing is growing

Within our organisation, we actively create awareness and space to work together for a sustainable society. We believe that job satisfaction increases when you can share what you have received. By sharing knowledge, resources, time and/or money, you give others an opportunity to grow. Inside and outside the organization.

Based on this idea of growth, PVO supports enterprising foundations and parties who selflessly dedicate themselves to people and the environment. We connect with parties who are driven by entrepreneurship and passion and support them with time, resources, commitment and financial means.

That is why we have chosen to invest in projects that are close to our hearts and where we can make connections based on our entrepreneurship.

PVO employees speak:

“With relatively little effort, you can make a big change for people.”

“Improve the world, start with yourself.”

“We get a lot here, but it is also the intention to give something back to certain parts of society.”

Future perspective: Juntos Contigo Foundation 

PVO International would like to contribute to society. That is why we have been supporting the Juntos Contigo Foundation since 2017. We not only help the foundation financially, but also offer help and advice from our own expertise.

Juntos Contigo is dedicated to the residents of the Villa Virgen de Guadaloupe neighbourhood in Nicaragua.  The foundation was set up because of the miserable situations of families who lived on the rubbish dump of Managua. Since 2004, the foundation has been trying to give the neighbourhood a future again, focusing mainly on the children and young people.  The local team of Juntos Contigo consists of professionals who know the people, culture and society like no other. The foundation gives children a future by providing educational support and teaching computer skills. In addition, Juntos Contigo offers a nice place where children can play sports, dance and handicrafts.

More information can be found at Juntos Contico .

Sustainable energy: Mabel’s Cottage Foundation

We want to get to know people on every continent who we can help by supporting their social projects. By doing so, we take care of the earth and the people living on it.

The Mabel’s Cottage foundation, based in Sierra Leone (West Africa), was looking for help to realise an off-grid solar power system to improve its energy supply. PVO supports this project by arranging and financing the supplies.

Mabel’s Cottage is a home for single pregnant teenage girls. This is a major social problem in West Africa that often leads to social exclusion of these teenagers and their baby.

In 2016, they started to set up a bakery in Freetown that will allow Mabel’s Cottage to self-finance the care and education of the teenagers. The bakery also provides employment for caregivers, bread sellers and bakers. As a result, many people are now able to work completely independently. Only in case of emergencies and larger projects, such as the solar energy supply, is the foundation still called upon.

Read more about Mabel’s Cottage.

Food supply for MoVu Moldova 

Moldova is by far the poorest country in Europe. The foundation MoVu Moldova, gives support, help and development opportunities to the weak in Moldova. Moldova’s economy is mainly dependent on agriculture. However, climate change is causing many challenges for the agricultural sector, such as rising temperatures, less rain and longer periods of drought.

Thanks in part to financial support from PVO, in 2021 three lorries with surplus potatoes could be transported from the Netherlands to Moldova. Due to the hot weather, the harvest in Moldova has failed several times, so the population was very happy with 4300 kilos of 1st class Dutch consumption potatoes. Whenever possible, a delegation from PVO will travel to Moldova together to roll up their sleeves and help put together, transport and distribute the food parcels.

In addition, at PVO we also contribute to…

Recycling: Stichting Open

PVO International has a selective range of renowned solar brands. The products we supply contribute to a better environment because they can be used to generate green energy. We also consider it important that these products are recyclable. That is why we have joined a collective collection system that recycles our discarded solar panels and inverters: Stichting Open.

Stichting Open is a government-registered collective take-back system that takes care of the collection and recycling of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, or e-waste. On our Recycling page, you will find information about how the recycling process works.

Education: Approved Learning Company  

Since September 2018, PVO International is officially recognized as a learning company in Transport and Logistics. This recognition by the dutch Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB) makes it possible for students to do practical internships in our warehouse. In addition, we have also received this recognition for the Marketing and Communication department.

As a company, we are very proud of this and we are happy to pass on our knowledge and offer the opportunity to gain practical experience.

Interested in an internship at PVO International? Check whether we still have a vacancy at

Read more about a trainee post at PVO here .